Ready to Change the game?

So are we. We are excited to host the 2017 Change the Game Training: Political and Organizing Data Training for Communities of Color.

You can help us get over the final line of providing full scholarships to all attendees. Your donation today will help cover the cost to bring in participants and trainers to Washington D.C from all over the country! Donate Here

Together, we’re working to provide skills that will ensure victories in the next few consequential months and years. Our innovative training teaches participants to use Data and Analytics to engage and target all voters especially, historically underrepresented communities for the progressive movement.

  • Are you a person who comes to the table with solutions?
  • Are you interested in how we can use Data and Analytics to make life better for people of color in this country?
  • Are you committed to ensuring equal representation and empowerment for those in need?

We know we’re under-equipped to provide the level of support to candidates and representatives in and around the country so that they are empowered to make informed legislative decisions. In order to have the most power in the decision, we need you to be well positioned and well informed so you can help influence the decision makers to the side of justice. Because we are intentionally creating space for historically underrepresented communities in political data and technology, scholarships are available.

Our country is in crisis and we know we need to attack this problem at its core. YOU can be a part of the solution and together we can make the difference. For more information about the training, check out our FAQ.

Applications for the August 2017 training have now closed. Thank you for all your interest and support.