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Conference Organizers

We are a group of data practitioners, analysts and technologists working in the progressive space in the United States. While we all come from unique backgrounds, we are united in our desire to build and support the next generation of data experts. You can read about the organizers and trainers that you’ll meet at the training.

Sponsors and partners

You can help us get over the final line of providing full scholarships to all attendees. Your donation today will help cover the cost to bring in participants and trainers to Washington D.C from all over the country! Donate Here If you are interested in a larger sponsorship, please email us or any member of the committee.

Thank you to our long list of individual donors who have already contributed to the success of this training in more ways than one. (alphabetical by first name, updated as of August 15) Aaron Strauss, Alexandra Perez-Caballero, Alexandra Ramirez, Alissa Stollwerk, Amanda Coulombe, Amanda Hoey, Amanda Peel, Amelia Showalter, Amir Arman, Andrew Claster, Andrew Perry, Angelica Livoti, Audra Grassia, Audrey Moore, Benjamin Messner, Bernard Bergmann, Bill Schwulst, Brandyn Keating, Catherine Tucker, Charles Goudiss, Christine Campigotto, Christopher Brill, Colleen Gruszynski, Cristina Sinclaire, Darren Kinnaird, Dessa Gypalo, Devin Brady, Emily Callen, Erek Dyskant, Eric Payne, Esha Rakhit, Garrett Fardon, hana elhattab, Jayme Amann, Jesse Thomas, Jessica Lange, Joel Hartig, John DeLapp, Josh Nussbaum, Josh Rosmarin, Joshua Latto, Julia Heselton, Julie Goldberg, Kassia DeVorsey, Kate Dahl, Ken Strasma, Kyle Doran, Lauren Deitz, Lauren Mayeaux, Levi Wolberg, Lizzie Ellis, Mark Taylor, Martha Grant, Matt Klaber, Matthew Saniie, Maura Wallenius, Michael Lambright, Michael Ono, Michael Snook, MIchael Weissman, Micheal Keane, Mike Sager, Miriah Elliott, Nathan Sterken, Nicole Nelmark, Paul Schaffer, Pete Backof, Phil Tom, Rachel Hall, Russell Drapkin, Samuel Nitz, Santiago Martinez, Sara Bean Duncan, Sara Waterfall, Sarah LaRocca, Seth Samuels, Shawn Brown, Sonya Reynolds, Stefan Fox, Steve Moran, Tara Brosnan, Tim Anderegg, Tracy Urquhart, William Yates

The following organizations and more have graciously partnered and provided support for this training. moms rising SEIU DLCC groundswell Planned Parenthood for America NextGen America Catalist NGPVAN TargetSmart liberty and access for all minerva insights solidarity strategies Analyst Institute blue labs

Contact us

Questions or concerns? Email us at changethegametraining@gmail.com and a member of the organizing committee will respond as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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