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Day 1: Sunday, August 13th

Welcome and Intro - Jamaa Bickley-King
The Urgent Need for People Like You - Jenn Cervella, Matthew Saniie, Jamaa Bickley-King
Why Be Optimistic? - Matthew Saniie
Theory of Change - Chris Torres
Actors & Activities: Legal stuff - Eddie Hailes

Day 2: Monday, August 14th

Progressive Landscape - Westley Bayas III
Modern Campaigning - Lena Tom

Day 3: Tuesday, August 15th

Data Sources and Bias - Tajh Taylor
Additional links from Tajh’s presentation
Pew Research Center: How Census Race Categories Have Changed over Time
How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline
How school district boundaries are influenced by white separation
Amazon Doesn’t Consider the Race of Its Customers. Should It?
Amazon working to address racial disparity in same-day delivery service
Technology Is Biased, Too. How Do We Fix It?

Excel Data Cleaning - Jamal Taylor
VAN Crash Course - Quanita Toffee
Excel Appends and Analysis - Jamal Taylor

Day 4: Wednesday, August 16th

VAN Turf Cutting - Trevor Wong
Excel VLOOKUP - Jamal Taylor

Day 5: Thursday, August 17th

Building a Winning Coalition - Marlon Marshall and Marc Priester
Targeting 101 - Alex Barbieri and Fresco Steez
Experiments & Testing - Leo Liu

Day 6: Friday, August 18th

The Life Cycle of Voter Registration - Lena Tom and Jamaa Bickley-King
Exploring the VAN VR Tab - Jamaa Bickley-King
Cultural Considerations in Voter Registration - Maram Abdelhamid
Best Practices for Goal Setting - Matthew Saniie
Targeted Voter Registration goals worksheet - Matthew Saniie
GIS Training data to download
GIS and Maps - Trevor Wong and Jenn Cervella

Day 7: Saturday, August 19th

Owning the Work to Change the World - Kelley Robinson

Day 8: Sunday, August 20th

Pre-reading - “Everything We Care For.” The Future of Progressive Philanthropy Under Trump
Fundraising - Kathy Smith
Tips on Writing Proposals - Kathy Smith
Data Visualization Fundamentals - Matthew Saniie
Funder Proposal Prompts
Common Grant Proposal resource

Day 9: Monday, August 21st

Get Your Data Tight - John Lee

Day 10: Tuesday, August 22nd

Reporting and Automation - Santiago Martinez, Nick Ahamed, and Daniel Campos

Day 11: Wednesday, August 23rd

Intro to Relational Databases - Russ Rampersad
SQL Install - Russ Rampersad
Intro to SQL - Hillary Anderson and Dawn Cohea

Day 12: Thursday, August 24th

SQL Joins and Nested Queries - Hillary Anderson and Dawn Cohea
Digital Data and Advocacy - Harold Moore

Day 14: Saturday, August 26th

Redistricting and People of Color - Ruth Greenwood and Mark Gaber
Redistricting and Maptitude - Ruth Greenwood, Mark Gaber and Matt Cassidy